Poster: Large-Scale Single-Cell CRISPR Screens in Primary Human T Cells

The CROP-seq experiment in pan T-cells involved a targeted single-cell RNA sequencing of 300 mRNAs. At Myllia, we can identify rare subsets, transitional states, and distinct functional profiles that may be masked in bulk analyses, providing a more comprehensive understanding of T cell activation and differentiation.

The single-cell resolution allows the examination of individual T cells within a heterogeneous population, unveiling cellular diversity and functional heterogeneity, which included T cell activation markers, markers for different cell types, cell cycle markers, and immune checkpoint genes.

Our screens revealed that knockouts of JAK1 and JAK3 resulted in a significant increase in the expression of TNFRSF9, also known as 4-1BB, which is a checkpoint gene associated with immune regulation and T cell activation, suggesting an important role of JAK-STAT signaling in both CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subsets.

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