Next generation CRISPR screens - a powerful technology to advance drug target identification and validation

We utilise the CROP-Seq (for “CRISPR Droplet Sequencing”) workflow, developed by Myllia´s co-founder Christoph Bock, to map the impact of thousands of genetic perturbations on the global transcriptome at single-cell resolution, thus effectively establishing a paradigm for next generation CRISPR screens. Our powerful approach has broad applications in identifying novel drug targets, elucidating unknown mechanisms of actions of drugs and understanding genetic variants linked to disease risk.

Our end-to-end platform for tailor-made CRISPR screens

Myllia has built an end-to-end genetic screening platform. We routinely conduct screens using hundreds of thousands of single cells in one experiment and intend to scale the technology even further.

  • Customized assay development
  • Proprietary guide RNA design algorithm
  • Cloning and manufacturing of lentiviral guide RNA libraries
  • Performance of the actual CRISPR screen
  • Single-cell library prep and NGS
  • Bioinformatic analysis

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