CRISPR-ready cancer cell lines for CRISPRn & CRISPRi screens

Browse through our catalogue of CRISPR-ready cancer cell lines for your next tailor-made CRISPR screens

Myllia has built an end-to-end genetic screening platform that includes

(1) customized assay development,
(2) a proprietary guide RNA (sgRNA) design algorithm,
(3) in-house cloning of pooled sgRNA libraries,
(4) reliable manufacturing of lentiviral sgRNA libraries,
(5) performance of the actual CRISPR screen,
(6) single-cell isolation and library preparation,
(7) next generation sequencing (NGS) and the bioinformatic analysis.

We routinely conduct screens of hundreds of thousands of single cells in one experiment and intend to scale the technology even further.

Check out our catalogue of CRISPR-ready cancer cell lines down below to kick-start your next CRISPR screening project supporting drug target identification, variant-to-gene mapping, and genetic screening for modulators of disease-associated phenotypes!