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CRISPR technology, cellular models and omics read-outs

Myllia Biotechnology, previously known as Aelian Biotechnology, combines CRISPR screening with single-cell RNA sequencing, leveraging two transformative technologies to enable genetic screening for complex phenotypes. CRISPR screening has revolutionized the unbiased annotation of gene function, but most screens done so far have been confined to rather simplistic read-outs (usually life/death of the target cells). Combining CRISPR perturbation with single-cell sequencing allows researchers to assess much more complex phenotypes, thus effectively broadening the scope of these screens.

At Myllia, we use the CROP-Seq technology to perturb cells with CRISPR and profile transcriptional outcomes by RNA sequencing at single-cell resolution. Importantly, our technology is applicable across a wide range of cell types including primary cells.

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